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It was bright sunny day with lots of hopes.Jennifer looked at her mobile ...hmm.....its 6 now,
Jennifer sat on the chair while sipping black coffee and running her fingers on her tab.

Suddenly she got up and opened the Cyrus's bag.She got notepad,few medicines,pen,notepad,charger,USB and laptop.She started reading pages of the notepad it was blank...nothing was written in notepad. She opened his laptop........but Oops it was password protected, she started entering few names.
"......what could be cyrus...jesus...She was able to log in by using "JESUS"
She opened his laptop to check his mail & she found the last seen document from start menu. She read the last post which was private(not publicly posted) and read about Acharya there. It was the half written post. 
"what exactly is this...what exactly he wanted to indicate........"
Jennifer was rolling her fingers in her hair...pulling a streak.
"Who is this Acharya..It seems.."
 She tried to recall as she had seen him somewhere a kind of different personality...smeared a long red tikka on forehead,pure white shinning clothes.
"that means Cyrus knows everything about this Acharya...but what about Roohi and what's connection between Roohi's kidnapping and PM"
Jennifer was very confused and after reading Cyrus's blog thrice she was not able to come to any conclusion.She really wanted to solve this problem but there was only one person who was  main evidence of all these sequences. She got up and started dialing number on her phone....on the other side bell was ringing...........

Shekhar was walking in his room,and keeps walking.while walking to his room thinking about what is to be done next.He sat on arm chair face up, eyes closed. Suddenly The phone rang and he opened his eyes. He leaned over and picked up the phone
There was a voice of a women on the other side "Hello, Sir....Can I ask you few Questions about Roohi....Hello Mr. Shekhar are you there..."
Shekhar immediately hanged up, looked down for a moment, and took off his shirt
He lied down.
For whole of the day, he kept searching information about those three persons....
"They must be knowing where is my princess Roohi. I will go, I will go to the ends of the earth to find out my darling princess"
[Shekhar started talking to himself] "I can feel with all my soul Roohi you are near to me saying Help me! Help me, but I am so helpless ...I am in agony. No one, no one can imagine how much I am suffering "
Shekhar cried a lot and fell asleep.

In the morning as he woke up.He switched on the channel as usual while preparing Tea for him.

"Today in the morning at 4:00 at the Juhu Beach police found three dead bodies covered in a blue plastic bag.The bodies were in a boat.Out of three, two bodies had a fractured skull and many other broken bones. Police have started the investigation "

Shekhar yelled "Oh God.........what is happening...that was the only evidence with the help of which I could have reached to Roohi"
Tears rolled down on his cheeks.
Acharya was walking towards that boy who was sitting on chair..his hands were tied with rope on the back of chair.Acharya lifted his head while pulling his hair and as the boy revoked he slapped him hard on his face.

Acharya asked him " How can I help you today....No need for the formalities, darlin’, we’re all friends here.It is harmless fun,It is for my comfort as much as yours,now would you love this ?

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Part 3

Tara was shouting loudly ...Hello...hello..are you there...are you there?  on the phone
what do you know about my daughter Roohi ..please get her home please......
She was crying aloud with tears dripping so fast but there was no reply. She kept on crying the whole night waiting for her daughter Roohi's return and every hour passed like a long year for her.
"...Good afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight AA400 to Cochin. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you"
Jennifer was tired and sleeping on the chair. Her camera was lying on her lap carelessly.
"This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight AA400 to Cochin.Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed ...I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Passengers. Thank you."
"Oh God...what was I doing and could have missed my flight ..."
She rushed to the boarding gate.
                                                               Jennifer reached Kochi airport the next morning.
As she landed, she saw a group of policemen approaching her. She heard them saying
"Yes Yes that lady in pink shirt ....catch her ...."
"Hey you just stop....where are you going.I am saying just stop and don't move anywhere"
Till the time Jennifer could have understood what was happening ....a lot of questions were bombarding her mind ....."why me...what have I done....and so on..."
They nabbed her and confisticated her camera. Jennifer was clueless and unable to understand the sequence of the events that had happened.
She asked to them  " But sir what happened why are you arresting me .I have not done anything wrong . I am coming from  Mumbai ...just please listen to me first...what happened .Just tell me once ..You can't do this to me"
A stout policemen approached her saying " first you please come along with us to the police station then we shall let you know"
"No but please tell me right now what have I done"
" No arguments"..the policemen shouted on her.
They arrested her on charges of shooting pornographic movies taking her into police custody. Jennifer gathered the courage and jumped off the police jeep while they were taking her to the police station and somehow managed to escape from there.
                                                                                Cyrus regained consciousness and found himself in a dark room wondering how and why he was there..he wondered if he had been kidnapped or if there was big conspiracy that had been cooking up. He moaned in pain as he was hit really hard on his head. His head was paining like hell and with his hands tied, he was really helpless.He heard the sound of footsteps approaching him fast. He was unable to see anything as it was really dark inside. 
                                           He suddenly felt a sudden painful pinch on his arm as someone injected him with Morphine and he started to fell asleep. He tried to regain his consciousness and somehow was able to put his phone in audio recording mode before he finally succumbed to the affect of Morphine that was injected.

                                                                                                   Shekhar saw his phone ringing and as he picked the call, he heard a frightened voice---" Shekhar.....Shekhar.....Shekhar   it's me Jennifer. She said in a trembling voice "Hello....are you listening to me Shekhar"
"I am in big trouble as the policemen here had arrested me and have taken away my camera on charges that I have been shooting Pornographic films. I have somehow managed to flee from them and really want to escape as soon as possible from this hell........."

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