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Thursday, 30 October 2014


I got this great opportunity from to first time ever buy something from where as I had always used this site only for selling the extra stuff at my home. Really I am so thankful to Blogadda to give me a great chance and experience to enjoy this opportunity as a buyer as well because my all previous dealings through Quikr were for selling rather than buying. Having sold several items at Quikr earlier my experience with them was really great as  I had sold few things really quick on Quikr. This time too I had a great experience with Quikr though it was different as I was the buyer this time. Quikr is really a very user friendly site with great options to choose from that can fit in your budget with sorting criteria like price, model ,brand etc. My experience which I am sharing below as a buyer was equally pleasant as that when I was a seller.

Actually at the time I got this opportunity,the same time there was a little incident that happened with my sister. I had a great twist and here I am sharing with all of you the same. My sister lost her Samsung Galaxy SL smartphone just few days back and she was so much attached with her Galaxy SL phone. She loved its features and the ease of use so much that she had got addicted to this phone. Unfortunately during the diwali rush she lost her phone while travelling in the bus. She came back home crying and told me that I really need the same mobile again. I searched on the internet but could not find a new one of the same model and hence the only option that came to my my mind was Quikr. Thanks to Blog adda and Quikr as they both gave me this opportunity to get a smile on her face again.

It was really simple I just logged in the with my previous email ID and simply chose mobiles from the various segments that were there to choose from like car & bikes,real estate ,home & lifestyles,services, mobiles & tablets etc. The site is really fast and you can get results as per your search criteria really quick. The results can then be sorted out and filtered with ease to get the best fit as per your expectation and requirement.

 I chose Mobiles & tablets segment with the help of link and under different brands segments I chose Samsung ...I got various models under this and as I had already decided about the model , the search and selection was really simple and quick. I just had to mention the model Samsung Galaxy SL in the search box and I did get some results to chose from. 

I also got great choices after sorting it and then I got one seller who was selling the same model in a good condition with good price as price was also important for me.

My top most priority was good condition so I contacted this seller with the help of chat facility available on quikr 

I spoke to him as this seller was residing just few Kilometers from my home. I decided a meeting point just in the center to meet him in cafe shop. 

The very next day I met the seller across the table and he had brought the phone along with him. The phone was really in great and good condition with few accessories  like charger,ear phone and USB cable. I got this scratch less phone just in Rs 5200/- which I paid in cash to him. Infact the seller further gave me commitment that if I found any problem with the phone in next 7-8 days I can get my full money back. I handed him the money and bought the phone from him.

I gave this phone to my sister today morning only as a surprise and I can't express the feelings and expressions on her face. She was speechless initially and hugged me tight. She initially thought that I had actually found out her lost phone from somewhere. When I told her that I had actually got this for her through Quikr, she was really amazed and not only thanked me but Quikr as well. 

It was really a great experience and as the name suggests Quikr means quick ...the deal really happened very quick and beyond imagination. In a nut shell great deal with great price and super quick. It was really lovely and great experience which I will always remember forever. Quikr not only helped me  to get a replica of my sister's phone really quick that too at a great price but also brought back the smile on my sister's face. Quikr is very user friendly and one can filter or sort products as per specific  requirements very quickly. Nothing is hidden because of the direct interaction between the  buyer and the seller. The response time is always very quick and It creates a win-win situation for all.

Thanks Quikr !!!

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Book Review: Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson

It is great job done by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson .
As I received this book, I opened the packaging and one thing I found very interesting and that was the book was signed by author himself. I thought it will take appx 15-20 days to finish it as it was thick, but trust me it took hardly 6 days to read it completely its cover page insisted me to read it in one go,so today I am writing about this book.
It s cover page is well illustrated with beautiful color combination show casing the two key land marks in Mumbai. 

The plot is truly exciting and twisted which keeps you engaged all through using Mumbai's back drop so beautifully. The investigation plot through out keeps you so engaged, you feel as if you are the part of the investigation team. The plot is full of thriller,suspense,mystery, it is great work of extraordinary writing and must read for all.

Thank you Team Blogadda for sending me this lovely book.

Friday, 3 October 2014


Part 18 Part 19 

Acharya was walking in the room. He took a sigh and laid down on the arm chair with his lethargic body. Today he was feeling very low as he had a lot of burden ...he really wanted to get rid of all these but now he had no way to come out from everything. He started thinking about his past.

"Why I am in guilt today?..why I have done so many things..who insisted me to do so..why I am feeling so low..I am the most powerful man but today????"
He laughed out loudly to hide his feelings of remorse and guilt...Suddenly the phone rang. His body was lethargic he pressed speaker phone
"Guruji.... Everything is fine here and safe. We kept her in godown. So everything is settled here"
"hmmmm.........    Good"

Acharya pressed the bell and a middle aged men appeared.
"make my arrangements..for Morning .."
"for What Guruji"
Acharya banged on the table,shouting loudly ..vase shattered on the floor.
"Do I need to explain you further...Just get out and make arrangements and don't create any  further problems"

"Hey just move from questioning..Please Please....just move"
"but Sir...Had you been Kidnapped..Sir the country is really worried about you ..people wanted to check where were you....We all are here to know that..Please sir answer please........."
"Hey you girl .......I will throw you out with your mic and camera...Don't create a scene here. Sir is not in the mood to answer your silly are welcome in the conference...and no 
further questions please"
The gate was decorated with flowers. There was huge security on the gate. 

The PM arrived in midst of huge crowd and there were roars..slogans and shouts, cheering for the PM.

PM started his speech acknowledging the crowd for their love and affection
" My country men it is your love affection and prayers that I am standing here in front of all safe and sound. I  had gone for seeking spiritual blessings from my guruji and hence I was not here for last few days. I did't want to make it a public issue so had not informed anyone about my whereabouts!!......"

To be continued...... to read next part click here

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Monday, 22 September 2014


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part9
Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

It was bright sunny day with lots of hopes.Jennifer looked at her mobile ...hmm.....its 6 now,
Jennifer sat on the chair while sipping black coffee and running her fingers on her tab.

Suddenly she got up and opened the Cyrus's bag.She got notepad,few medicines,pen,notepad,charger,USB and laptop.She started reading pages of the notepad it was blank...nothing was written in notepad. She opened his laptop........but Oops it was password protected, she started entering few names.
"......what could be cyrus...jesus...She was able to log in by using "JESUS"
She opened his laptop to check his mail & she found the last seen document from start menu. She read the last post which was private(not publicly posted) and read about Acharya there. It was the half written post. 
"what exactly is this...what exactly he wanted to indicate........"
Jennifer was rolling her fingers in her hair...pulling a streak.
"Who is this Acharya..It seems.."
 She tried to recall as she had seen him somewhere a kind of different personality...smeared a long red tikka on forehead,pure white shinning clothes.
"that means Cyrus knows everything about this Acharya...but what about Roohi and what's connection between Roohi's kidnapping and PM"
Jennifer was very confused and after reading Cyrus's blog thrice she was not able to come to any conclusion.She really wanted to solve this problem but there was only one person who was  main evidence of all these sequences. She got up and started dialing number on her phone....on the other side bell was ringing...........

Shekhar was walking in his room,and keeps walking.while walking to his room thinking about what is to be done next.He sat on arm chair face up, eyes closed. Suddenly The phone rang and he opened his eyes. He leaned over and picked up the phone
There was a voice of a women on the other side "Hello, Sir....Can I ask you few Questions about Roohi....Hello Mr. Shekhar are you there..."
Shekhar immediately hanged up, looked down for a moment, and took off his shirt
He lied down.
For whole of the day, he kept searching information about those three persons....
"They must be knowing where is my princess Roohi. I will go, I will go to the ends of the earth to find out my darling princess"
[Shekhar started talking to himself] "I can feel with all my soul Roohi you are near to me saying Help me! Help me, but I am so helpless ...I am in agony. No one, no one can imagine how much I am suffering "
Shekhar cried a lot and fell asleep.

In the morning as he woke up.He switched on the channel as usual while preparing Tea for him.

"Today in the morning at 4:00 at the Juhu Beach police found three dead bodies covered in a blue plastic bag.The bodies were in a boat.Out of three, two bodies had a fractured skull and many other broken bones. Police have started the investigation "

Shekhar yelled "Oh God.........what is happening...that was the only evidence with the help of which I could have reached to Roohi"
Tears rolled down on his cheeks.
Acharya was walking towards that boy who was sitting on chair..his hands were tied with rope on the back of chair.Acharya lifted his head while pulling his hair and as the boy revoked he slapped him hard on his face.

Acharya asked him " How can I help you today....No need for the formalities, darlin’, we’re all friends here.It is harmless fun,It is for my comfort as much as yours,now would you love this ?

to be continued To read next Part click here 

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Saturday, 13 September 2014


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Part 3

Tara was shouting loudly ...Hello...hello..are you there...are you there?  on the phone
what do you know about my daughter Roohi ..please get her home please......
She was crying aloud with tears dripping so fast but there was no reply. She kept on crying the whole night waiting for her daughter Roohi's return and every hour passed like a long year for her.
"...Good afternoon passengers. This is the pre-boarding announcement for flight AA400 to Cochin. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you"
Jennifer was tired and sleeping on the chair. Her camera was lying on her lap carelessly.
"This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight AA400 to Cochin.Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed ...I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Passengers. Thank you."
"Oh God...what was I doing and could have missed my flight ..."
She rushed to the boarding gate.
                                                               Jennifer reached Kochi airport the next morning.
As she landed, she saw a group of policemen approaching her. She heard them saying
"Yes Yes that lady in pink shirt ....catch her ...."
"Hey you just stop....where are you going.I am saying just stop and don't move anywhere"
Till the time Jennifer could have understood what was happening ....a lot of questions were bombarding her mind ....."why me...what have I done....and so on..."
They nabbed her and confisticated her camera. Jennifer was clueless and unable to understand the sequence of the events that had happened.
She asked to them  " But sir what happened why are you arresting me .I have not done anything wrong . I am coming from  Mumbai ...just please listen to me first...what happened .Just tell me once ..You can't do this to me"
A stout policemen approached her saying " first you please come along with us to the police station then we shall let you know"
"No but please tell me right now what have I done"
" No arguments"..the policemen shouted on her.
They arrested her on charges of shooting pornographic movies taking her into police custody. Jennifer gathered the courage and jumped off the police jeep while they were taking her to the police station and somehow managed to escape from there.
                                                                                Cyrus regained consciousness and found himself in a dark room wondering how and why he was there..he wondered if he had been kidnapped or if there was big conspiracy that had been cooking up. He moaned in pain as he was hit really hard on his head. His head was paining like hell and with his hands tied, he was really helpless.He heard the sound of footsteps approaching him fast. He was unable to see anything as it was really dark inside. 
                                           He suddenly felt a sudden painful pinch on his arm as someone injected him with Morphine and he started to fell asleep. He tried to regain his consciousness and somehow was able to put his phone in audio recording mode before he finally succumbed to the affect of Morphine that was injected.

                                                                                                   Shekhar saw his phone ringing and as he picked the call, he heard a frightened voice---" Shekhar.....Shekhar.....Shekhar   it's me Jennifer. She said in a trembling voice "Hello....are you listening to me Shekhar"
"I am in big trouble as the policemen here had arrested me and have taken away my camera on charges that I have been shooting Pornographic films. I have somehow managed to flee from them and really want to escape as soon as possible from this hell........."

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Home Sweet Home

I love to Explore the widest collection of home decor from online stores and markets. I love to buy Home Decor products and shop for antiques, metal crafts, wall decor, lamps, candles, clocks, hookah, plants etc and home furnishing products such as handicrafts, wall decor, rugs & carpets. I just explored the widest collection of Home Decor at 
Out of the vast range I selected these three products which appealed me the most and are of my great utility. The idea is also different for each selection.

Beautiful Time Piece set

It is so unique piece as it shows love for our great nation India.This wood crafted piece has the National Emblem along with the  New Rupee Symbol.There  is also a Beautiful Time Piece set which is of great utility.

Mobile Stand With Clock

This hand crafted mobile stand With clock is a masterpiece of  artwork. This mobile stand with clock is the  great creativity of craftsmen.I need mobile holder stands for various needs around my home and office so that I can safely keep my mobile phone when not in use.I would be extremely happy to have this mobile stand in my office and home.

Bedside Table

When it comes to my comfort zone, bedside table is must.To keep my reading books,my family photo frame, reading, eye-drops, Foot cream,mobile holder,alarm clock... objects which I usually forgot to take with me in the office. This unique and simple table with drawer is must for me.In the drawers I can also keep my office files,diaries etc. It will keep my all the things more organized and easy to search whenever required.
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Egypt---The Mummies are calling me!!!!!

Egypt- The Mummies are Calling me!!! Visit to discover Indian blogs
I am a Travel Freak having traveled extensively in continents like Asia, Australia & ... Third A... Africa which is missing for long has always been one of my deepest desires to Visit. Egypt is an ancient land and houses one of the seven wonders of this world. The Pyramids, The Mummies, the sea & the desert all look so Charming. I really always feel that the Mummies are calling me!!!!! I just want to make this trip a reality with as You have it all be it be flights, Hotels or local travel at one place & as I was searching for these on I was feeling some goosebumps in my stomach as if this dream is going to be a reality soon. I wish to travel for 3 to 4 days in Egypt flying from Delhi for this trip and skyscanner gives me ample flight options to choose from and making selection really easy by sorting flights based on number of stops prizing airlines choice etc.

With the best flight option and an expense of about 51K I can travel to and fro to Egypt

I want to stay at a Hotel which is just centrally located and offers a nice clean room with good breakfast menu as I am just going to use the hotel for my Night sleep. has plenty of offering and great sorting options price,populartity,distance to center,ratings etc. so as to help me choose the best one as well.

With just about an expense of 12K I can manage my stay for 5 days at a place which is centrally located and offers me complimentary breakfast as well.

I am going to travel extensively in Egypt for Local Sight Seeing to see the Mummies, The Pyramids, The Desert & surf on the seas. offers plenty of taxi options as well for Local travel in Egypt with choices that can fit your budget.

With just an expense of about 12K on my car hire I would be able to view it all as per my choice in Cairo.
I am going to see all it here in Egypt and I just wish that this dream of mine comes true!!

I would love Enjoy & Spend time at the colossal temple of Abu Simbel. The complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Nubian Monuments

I want to Visit the lovely beaches in Egypt and Enjoy the Sun & the Sand!!!

Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. I want to Visit Aswan and spend a complete day here exploring various places.!!

Alexandria, "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", is the Largest seaport in Egypt and I want to walk along the sea for as long as I can....
I already have started day dreaming about this trip and can not wait any longer to see it become a reality

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Biotique Products

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 Biotique Basil and Parsley Revitalizing Soap: I just love this soap and I have been using this since last 5 years.First time I used this soap on a recommendation of a friend and got hooked on to it. Since that time I never tried any other soap/face wash on my face. I am highly satisfied with this product and now I started recommending this to others.Whenever I think about herbal products, BIOTIQUE comes first in my mind.It is green,clear soap and blend of pure basil, parsley which gently washes away skin impurities.This green colored transparent soap, cleanses the skin and soothes it without making skin dry and stretchy. This soap is very soothing and effective on skin and it is a great cleanser.It is easily available in departmental stores and online as well at a price which really justifies the quality of this product.It is affordable herbal soap which has a good fragrance and it is suitable for all kind of skin types.I can safely use it even with my kids 365 days in a year

 I always keep small packing of this soap with me whenever I go out.
Rating : 4.5/5 

Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo:

I have been using it for the past 2 years.It simply makes your hair looking "WOW". It is a really good product which do not make my hair dry. It  cleanses and moisturizes my hair. In fact I can use it on the scalp of my Kids also as it does not contain any harsh chemicals.It is herbal shampoo and moreover it gives bounce to my hair making my hair so silky, soft and shining and the best part is that it keeps my hair tangles free which automatically leads to less hair fall.

Rating : 4/5

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


#WhatTheBlack - Day 1

#WhatTheBlack Looking at this mysterious black egg, the first thought it invokes is "What came first the Black egg or the Black chicken"

This Black egg looks so mysterious and it is so tough to know whether this represents only some mystery or there is some black magic which has the sheer power to hypnotize the viewer of it. What's inside this egg is even more mysterious & I am dying to find it out. Wow its a dark chocolate which is so delicious that it has taken my taste buds on a Joy ride. I am just loving it and as it melts in my mouth, I relish its taste thinking where it had been all these years & I am getting Hypnotized by its Black Magic indeed!!



  #WhatTheBlack - Day 2

#WhatTheBlack  Received my Day-2 surprise!! Usually We have seen & heard about black on white but today first time experiencing white on black leaving a long lasting impression on me!! Soon they would change the saying from Black in White to White on Black :) !!! now for any special document!



#WhatTheBlack - Day 3


My Day-3 Surprise "Wipe off all the sins with the Black napkin and sip away anything freely without being noticed anytime,anywhere using the Black disposable cup" It looks so stylish & different leaving a long lasting impression. I wish the Black napkins were as common as the white ones!!! 



#WhatTheBlack - Day 4


Final surprise Colgate SlimSoft CHARCOAL toothbrush  

 The Tooth Brush is surely first of a Kind that I have seen ever with Lustrous black Bristles. I have seen Toothbrush bristles with various colors like white, blue, yellow, red or green but never ever with Black. This Black Toothbrush really makes me say & wonder #WhatTheBlack It has supreme quality with Black Charcoal infused Bristles which can do a deep cleaning action on your teeth yet being so gentle & soft. It is surely going to be really effective in removing stains & Plaque from teeth giving the most fresh breath ever along with shiny teeth. This wonderful new Colgate Slimsoft tooth Brush with Charcoal infused Bristles is going to take the market by storm & its really going to infuse a new positive change in the oral healthcare Market segment. I am sure all the Dentist are also going to recommend this one as Charcoal is 100% safe & is very effective to bring that shining smile on your face removing all the Plaque & reducing the stains!!!


Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest -Life time Experience

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 (1)Ride roller coasters - Although I had ride on roller coaster so many times,but I want to ride the largest and scariest roller coaster in  my life to overcome the fear,nervousness from my life.I am scared of going upside down.Most of time on roller coaster I tend to close my eyes tightly but now I really want to experience roller coaster with open eyes to feel the courage by doing so.

(2) Wanted to visit all places related to Kings - I want to visit centuries-old tradition of cultivation like wanted to see their lifestyle in reality,their trends,how they were looking at that time.I wish if I can find out a gadget or any camera from which I can see their lifestyles,looks etc.

 (3)Alone in the Jungle - I wish to spend my whole one day in Jungle without water or food and wanted to survive to eat whatever will be available in jungle.It will be the different way to de-stress my self and  to experience something new and adventurous.I wanted to capture beauty of nature around me.

(4) Wanted to spend time alone in Antarctica - it seems very crazy but yes it is true I really would love to spend my one whole day with Penguins in snow World.Penguins are quite funny and fascinating creatures.Truly I will be my life time experience.I wanted to feel icebergs,seals and penguins. 

(5)Sitting in cockpit on the seat of co-pilot in the flying Aircraft: Although I am not a professional pilot,but I think this profession is one of the royal and esteemed profession.I feel very crazy when an aircraft takes off or at the landing time & when it runs on runway.I really want to feel it once in life.I felt this kind of experience in one of the swing.Now I want to experience this while seating in the cockpit at the seat of co-pilot in the flying aircraft with Pilot.I know it is not possible but still it is one of the my craziest desire.

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Zest full Experiences which I want to Live in Life!!!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

#WHATTHEBLACK - A Journey with Black

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Black is color which signifies mystery.Black denotes strength and authority.
Black color is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color and everybody like to own black tie, black Mercedes,black dress but my wish list is quite different.
I am a travel freak and love to visit mysterious places to unveil the history. I want to experience these five below things on my adventurous Journey which are black in color to accomplish a dream journey of my life to unexplored lands.

(1)  Black Gum Boots.I
needs a pair of great value black color gumboots as it will go with any color outfit because Black is the universal color and it is must for every traveler.

(2) I have seen first time Black color Aircraft when I was travelling form Abu Dhabi to Delhi.I know that the Journey of  Aircraft is royal but in Black color it was looking elegant,since that day I love Black aircrafts and want to visit the land of black sea Turkey on the Etihad Airways flight as it is Black in color and that is the too appealing to me to resist.

 (3) After Reaching Turkey I want to explore the Black sea on a Black Yacht.I really want to have authentic sailing experience and an exclusive Black yacht that meets even the highest of expectations.

(4) I want to sail in a Black yacht over black sea to reach the Black forest with black binoculars in Germany.There I would love to enjoy great scenery like mountains,greenery,creatures and will enjoy the scenic beauty with the help of black binoculars.

(5) I want to ride on a Black colored horse in a Black forest in Germany and this would be my dream voyage.This is not a style.. its a passion!I would love to ride a Black color horse.

These five black things are my deepest desires and wish to fulfill all of them during this life time.

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#WHATTHEBLACK - Black is secretive & here are my 5 Black secretive desires

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Black is my favorite color as it represents elegance and class. The more I get it the more I yearn for it. From the start of my day till end of the day I love to live with black. My morning starts with a cup of black coffee served in a black mug and nights end with couple of pegs of black label...

I love to live with black by getting ready for work usually wearing best branded Black formals suits paired with black sandals, black handbag and black stylish specs. Luckily I have all of these with me as these are still affordable but here below is my wish list of five black things that I desire to have in my life for having a complete day everyday living life to the fullest with black.   
(1) I desire to have a Black Caviar Bang from Hublot ladies watch which has case, crown dial and clasp encrusted in baguette-cut black diamonds.It is really a masterpiece which I dream of having clasped on my wrist. It is such an elegant, stylish and most expensive masterpiece that I would love to have to carry myself with the most stylish expression.

(2) I desire to have black Merc E class and want to leave for work in the same with a great music system and plush black leather seats to drive till my office in comfort with style. This is my dream machine which I want to drive as soon as possible.Black is secretive and so is this my desire.


(3)I want to have a black Montblanc pen with my name engraved on it with black ink to sign important documents leaving a long lasting impression each and every time on every one I work with.


(4) I want to  then work for the entire day on a high performance black colored most technologically advanced and high tech laptop which can help me to do my work efficiently and faster within the least possible time.It should have a high end multi-core processor with superb memory and graphics.

(5) I want black diamond studded iPhone with 4G connection to manage all my important calls,meetings, video chats and browsing on the go so I can make the best use of my time not only in  my office or home but even during my travel leaving a solid impression on everyone whom I meet.

After having a great day at work I rejuvenate my self by having couple of pegs of  high quality black label whisky. It really lightens up my mood and relieves me of all work pressure to start another morning tomorrow fully rejuvenated, full of energy and enthusiasm again.I wish these five desires come true as soon as possible in my life.

These five black things are my deepest desires and wish to fulfill all of them during this life time 


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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Melbourne Life Time Experience

Melbourne Life Time Experience

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In March 2014 I travelled to Melbourne along with my friend and it was indeed a life time experience. Melbourne has many great venues, places to watch, learn, inspect, exhibit, show, play, laugh, drive, race, rock and listen. There is so much to see and do in Melbourne, whether you are a local or international visitor. We went to Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market, Eureka Skydeck 88, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne Star, Melbourne Zoo.

Here are my 3 top attractions which I found really as must see places in Melbourne.On the very first day we visited Puffing Billy and Yaara valley. 

Yaara valley is the main attraction of Melbourne.
We only had one day to spend in the Yarra Valley for this Yarra Valley wine tour. We had gourmet lunch inside yaara valley and also visited 4 wineries and also visited the Dairy/ cheese factory. After that we explored the Yarra Valley further and visited the Chocolate factory along with The White Rabbit brewery. It was just great to taste a huge variety of Wines there and surely it was an amazing tour. I would recommend it to every visitor. I think this is one of the best things to do in Melbourne. It has lovely wineries where you can get plenty of wine to taste, the cheese and chocolate tastings are also lovely and the scenery is just fabulous. The wineries, chocolate and cheese factories were great and made the whole day so much fun,
Just a perfect day of wine food and fun. 

The second main attraction is Puffing Billy.Puffing billy is a short but cooling ride on a shaking, noisy, wooden train.The scenery was beautiful and green. 
Nice experience, and something different to do. It is pretty unique experience.The train ride was a very enjoyable experience for us. It was a Wonderful experience from start to end. It was so much fun, especially being able to ride with my legs out the windows.I liked the forest over there, it was really a very nice way to get away from the city and see some classic Melbourne.
I would say that  Australians are really lucky to have something so unique in their backyard.!!!

The Third main attraction is Queen Victoria Market Here one can get fruit and vegetables along with local and imported gourmet foods, meat, fish and poultry to hardware, clothing and authentic Australian souvenirs.
It is a typical market place and one can find everything whatever he/she is looking for. It is great place for a snack or lunch.We just wandered through the market and enjoyed talking to the stall owners.We really had a lot of fun there.So many places to eat, great street entertainment....lots of specialty stores and fresh produce stores. In summer,on every Wednesday evening there is a night market that is set up inside Queen Victoria Market. A really must visit place with great entertainment, a great vibe and excellent street food from all over the world.

It is a great magnet for visitors and  an iconic place of Melbourne.
It would be easy to spend a few hours each day there without getting bored. Definitely something for everyone. A must-do in Melbourne.

We explored Melbourne ourselves by using local transport like trams and shuttle service. The Melbourne Visitor Shuttle is a great way to explore inner city. The Ride is very comfortable while listening to stories about the city's colourful past and current happenings. One can get a copy of shuttle route service at the Melbourne Visitor Centre. We also visited The Shrine,Royal Botanic Gardens, Harbour Town-Docklands, Melbourne Museum and Carlton Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens. One can find a lot of shopping locations in center Melbourne near to Bourke street, Swanston street and Collins Street. Travelling to Melbourne was one of the best experience of my life!!

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