Saturday, 22 August 2015

Colgate :#MaxFreshMove

I have been a consumer of several FMCG products that I used like any other person on earth and I think a toothpaste is the most common FMCG product that everybody uses in their daily life. Off late I have never experimented too much with my toothpaste but recently was highly impressed by the ad campaigns of Colgate Max fresh by Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda and decided to try it out at least once as even otherwise I have been using the Colgate regular toothpaste for last 35 years and trust this brand for their high quality products. As soon as I brought this Colgate Max fresh at home and started using it the very next morning, I was simply amazed with the freshness that Max Fresh brought to my breath. I truly felt like dancing and it had such an effect that I could not stop my self from doing so. This video below truly depicts the excitement,energy and experience that I had after using Max Fresh.

Next Day morning when my daughter tried Max fresh she had the same reaction and I am posting her video as well. Truly this is the fantastic and very effective toothpaste and its craze for sure is going to spread like a wildfire as soon as everyone starts trying this. I highly recommend using Max fresh from my experience to everyone loves to have a fresh breath every time and all the time.

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Saturday, 8 August 2015


I have two lovely kids a son aged six and daughter aged 8  although they both are very small but both have big dreams. We don't have any funds problem at this stage but as I am always worried about their future, I tensed to search for the best child plan for them. I always want to  give my kids best and to fulfill their dreams for which financial planning is very important. I always keep on discussing this with my friends,relatives infect on social media as well get guidelines to make a concrete financial planning for my kids future.

As now standard of living is rising , the expenses for child's school fee, tuition fee are also rising so we have to take this into account while estimating their financial investments required for higher studies and for sure these would rise as well significantly. I would like to invest in some guaranteed child plan that delivers support at the time when I need the money to fulfill bigger dreams of my Kids . My daughter wants to be a doctor and my son wants to be a pilot so that's why I have to  planahead and start saving early, so that I can achieve the desired amount for further education without any worry.

My Husband is already taking advantages from his employer for tax exemptions for tuition fees paid in School and moreover my hubby's employer provides an education allowance for children too.Time to time I Consult my financial planner to discuss a sensible amount  to save in various plans. I have opened savings account from the time of their birth and I invest in FD's as well for savings for them. I have already invested in Real estate as well that will surely going to help me when they grow up but I surely think that I would have to invest in a systematic investment plan in form of a child plan which is not only save and secure but give good return on investment.
I am very realistic and always plan my budget that is very simple & clear. I shop less and save more and always love to shop from offers and discounts to save more and compare rates on Internet before shopping.

There are a number of affordable, flexible investment plans in the market .The real magic is to decide on a reliable plan so that's why now I am looking for this invest further I am going to analyze more plans and I am in touch with Aviva India team as well which is surely the best in this sector. 

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Travel Tips :Himalayan

Travel Tips 

Travel is full of pitfalls, a trip requires careful planning So here I can suggest some useful travel tips that will help them to at least get rid of travel related stress or minimize it to guarantee a smooth trip by planning thoroughly and Here's how to make all the right moves so as to have a stress free travel. Listed below are important steps to prepare for a safe & 
comfortable trip anywhere & anytime

(1) Always ensure the most comfortable flight & travel options so travel partner choice is really important. Beware of any Travel Alerts and Warnings for your Destination like Weather conditions, civil unrest,any other possible dangerous conditions etc. before undertaking travel. Booking choice of seat like isle or window as per preference and meals choices as per your appetite is always a best practice to follow for any traveler.

(2) One must keep important travel documents like Passport & Tickets really handy preferably in a safe folder. Try to keep electronic copies of your travel documents which can also be very helpful in case of emergency.

(3) Pack light & to minimize clothes try to match all of the pants/bottoms you are taking with all of the tops,carry a minimum number of valuables and use high quality stroller bags as they are easy to handle anytime & anywhere. Make sure the bag dimensions are as per allowed cabin baggage sizes.

(4) Use covered luggage tags to avoid casual observation of your identity and nationality and avoid packing IDs, tickets and other important documents in backpacks.

(5) Wear comfortable and light clothes during the travel so you are comfortable during the flight and sit or sleep in any posture as required. Also ensure that there are couple of pockets in your clothes for keeping passport or boarding passes. Do keep eye shades to get rid of the lights during the flight and catch some sleep. Using ear phones with light music or ear plugs also helps to reduce the stressful engine noise of the aircraft.

(6) Everybody misses their family during travel and its not always possible for your family to accompany you for every trip so using advanced apps like Skype or video chatting really helps to connect with your near & dear ones any time and this is one of the best stress busters.

(7) Always keep a travel first aid kit along with you including commonly used medicines which can help in case of any minor problem during the travel.

(8) Never wear new shoes or your new jacket it may be initially tight. Instead use easy to remove footwear so it can be removed or worn as and when required.

(9) Learn the small courtesy phrases of local language as it really helps during travel within the local country and the fans love this experience of hearing anything from foreign players in their local language. Learn about local laws and customs of the country so you do not offend anyone unknowingly.

(10) Always carry at least one other form of entertainment with you could be an iPod or iPad or music player. Another choice is keeping a book or two for light reading during the flight. This may also be good to keep in case one does not find anything new or interesting in the in-flight entertainment system.

(11) Always carry hat, sunshades or goggles and wear sunscreen as hot climatic conditions can cause sunburn.

(12) Keep no coins or metallic objects during the travel so as to have an easy pass through from all security screenings.Avoid keeping any gels, liquids or any inflammable object in the handbag as it can cause unnecessary problem during security screening and may have to be removed from the baggage.

(13) Try requesting for priority tagging to your luggage as that will help you get in less time as soon as the players clear the customs & Immigration & this helps to reduce their waiting time.

(14) Use a Digital watch which is easy to set every time and has at least two to three time zones with one set at GMT, one at local time of the country and one at the time of the home city of player so they can adjust to the time patterns and minimize effects of Jet lags for initial few days. 

(15) Avoid carrying too much cash and consider using traveler's checks or major credit cards instead and do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill.Never carry your wallet in your back pocket.

(16) Before the flight have light meal if possible and avoid any alcoholic beverages as they could cause unrest. Also keep some snack bars or nuts in your handbag to have them anytime during the travel whenever you feel like having a snack.

(17) Do keep power back up devices or pocket battery chargers so that you can charge the mobile phones during the flight as anyways it would be in sleep or flight mode as due to hectic schedules it may not be easy to 

charge phones always at other times.

(18) Drink good amount of fluids like juices and water during the flight to keep your self hydrated and taking a short walk in the flight at least a couple of times always helps to keep one fit during the flight.

(19) Travel lounges are really a blessing for any traveler. One can take a quick shower or quick nap and have some light beverage to feel relaxed during the waiting time at airports. Also these lounges help a lot when someone needs to use the time between connecting flights to relax & unwind.

(20) Sparing sometime to find some exciting places to visit in the city that they are travelling to and then visiting these to unwind themselves of all the stress is also a must do activity.

I am sure if they follow these above tips they can make their travel really stress free 

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