Saturday, 21 November 2015

#madeofgreat ---- A Star Bringing Brightness To A Million Life's

I am wanderlust traveler and love to interact with people. I really love to talk with people and love to know their likes/dislikes and this really helps me to understand more about them. I have met so many people in my life and few have really influenced me a lot.

The one person who has inspired me a lot and a millions others as well and that person is no other than the Legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

In my life I have got two golden chances to meet him once with at the KBC set and second time in ICICI event.

Mr. Bachchan has touched my souls by his attitude towards life. He is one of the finest actor and a great human being as well who though is so successful yet he is absolutely down to earth. He is truly a legend and one of the best lessons that I learnt from him is that if something happens as per your wish then its great but if something does not go according to your wish then it may be even better as that would be a decision of God and God always does the best for everyone.He is the superstar actor for generations and incomparable.It is love to watch him.He is legend and all time greatest actor and no doubt a noble person with such a great personality. I have seen his lot of movies and can remember his each and every scene and all the appreciation in the world which he receives for it is well deserved.
The acting standards that he has set are just remarkable and he is a true benchmark for the film industry. I really admire and respect this legend who was born some 70 years ago and is still going strong. He is our unbeatable hero. His zeal to work even at this age for long hours is truly inspiring. His movies are not only a treat to watch but most of the movies also teach us important lessons of life like honesty,dedication, focus, sincerity,perfection and lastly it leaves thoughts to really deep dive in all the time. 

The couples of time I met him I felt kind of positive vibes coming from his side. One can't imagine how down to earth he is while talking to production team and other assistants....the flow of his speaking is simply flawless without any retakes. I admire him a lot for the way he carries himself in public, his humbleness even after being so popular, his commitment towards work is really appreciable.

One can learn and take away so many important lessons of life from Mr. Bachchan and there is so much food for thought that keeps my mind engaged in thinking something that is positive, productive and for the benefit of our society. He is undeniably #madeofgreat. Mr. Bachchan's passion to achieve more and more and excel in whatever he does creates a huge impact in the quality of the work he delivers. His work is authentic always and he is completely reliable yet being simple because what drives him is his self belief. Mr. Bachchan has pioneered every performance that he has delivered and conquered a million hearts with his simplicity, self belief and excellence. He has impacted me so positively that whenever I am tired or feel demotivated I just look at his photograph with me and that truly inspires me to do so much more and rejuvenate myself. Mr. Bachchan's vision of seeking excellence through hardwork and perseverance results in perfection. His self belief to achieve so much in life coming from a small town like Allahabad has given me an inspiration to believe in my self and exceed expectations always.

Now as we all are aware that the #madeofgreat campaign is the first time Tata Motors is undertaking an overall brand association campaign with a brand ambassador. It rides on a strong consumer motivation of ‘Seeking Excellence’ and ‘Self Belief’ which is showcased by the confluence of two global brands-Tata Motors and Lionel Messi. The campaign builds upon Tata Motors’ DNA of trust, authenticity, reliability, simplicity, as well as its commitment to innovation.

Lionel Messi is talent galore with conviction and is an icon for today’s youth. He is a winner who is trustworthy, reliable, pioneering, simple and driven by self-belief, which is what is at the core of Tata Motors as well. Thus, proving to be an ideal fit for the role of Global Brand Ambassador.​ 

Now I want to ask a question So tell me by commenting below this post 

"What do you think of Tata Motor's association with Lionel Messi?" 

"I am writing this Blog as an activity for #madeofgreat Tata Motors "