Thursday, 19 March 2020

Amatra by the Ganges: Best Getaway For Weekends

I was really very bored and tired of my daily hectic life that was going on for last couple of months and wanted a quick break to rejuvenate myself at an easily accessible weekly gateway from Delhi.
I got to know about this beautiful resort Amatra by the Ganges through a close friend who had an amazing experience while staying here recently. I quickly went online and booked a stay for me as well as my family which included my hubby as well as my two young kids. It was just about a five hour drive from Delhi to reach this beautiful, serene and green resort by the Ganges and just a 15 minutes drive from Haridwar. The resort has a beautiful entrance and is well guarded too.
As we drove in our car we needed a safe and secure parking for our vehicle which was provided to us by the resort as they have ample parking space.
The check-in was quick and the resort staff was highly courteous and efficient too. My kids were really so excited to see this heavenly resort that they forgot about all the tiredness of the last five hour drive. We got a beautiful and spacious room which had all amenities inside. There was ample storage space to keep our luggage, clothes etc. inside the room.
The bathroom too was very clean with all toiletries inside. The room also had a balcony which gave us a beautiful view of the huge garden outside as well as the holy river Ganga.

The guest services as well as the room service exceeded all our expectations. We had an awesome time on the banks of the holy river Ganga. There were several indoor as well as outdoor activities for my kids which kept them engaged and entertained all the time.
The resort has a bar, a multi cuisine restaurant and indoor sports room with a TT table and several other games and a pool as well near to the garden.
The huge garden in the resort has facilities for playing games like cricket, badminton and even volleyball. Every evening a Ganga Arti is organized which simply gives a divine experience. We had all our meals over the weekend at the multi cuisine restaurant which left a delightful experience every time for our taste buds
Every hour of the weekend stay that we spent here has helped us to create some beautiful memories that we will surely cherish for a lifetime.

Every hour of the weekend stay that we spent here has helped us to create some beautiful memories that we will surely cherish for a lifetime.
We all really enjoyed every bit of our stay here and I expressed my gratitude to my close friend who had recommended me this beautiful place and now I recommend everyone to experience this enjoyable experience yourself.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Go Mechanic: Most professional & Trusted Workshop

In today's World having and maintaining your own car is an absolute must for not only commuting from one place to another but ensuring safely as well as everyone knows that travelling on a two wheeler is highly risky considering the present traffic conditions.
One not only needs to own a car but also ensure regular service maintenance of the same for the smooth ride. Specially vehicles need extra maintenance and service during monsoon period.
I own a slightly old Maruti Wagon R car which over a period of time not only had minor accidents but also had mechanical problems and had become highly unreliable. I started looking out for a reputed car repair work shop as I had lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt about giving it to any local mechanic for service and repair. Thoughts like faulty repair, using substandard spares and low quality engine oil were some thoughts that crippled my mind. Then I got to know about Go Mechanic and reading a bit about them and their quality work gave me an immediate confidence that they were the perfect choice for getting my vehicle serviced and repaired. I just called them on their number 83989 70970 and they connected me to their service advisor with in no time.

They have such a prompt service that with in just couple of hours of my contacting them their executive was at my door steps to collect my vehicle. He understood each and every problem in detail that was their in my vehicle and to detailed notes of all what was required to be done. Then their service advisor called me and explained about the detailed charges and time duration required for the complete repair which included denting, painting , wheel balancing and alignment , Full car service and other minors repairs. They have such a prompt service that with in just couple of hours of my contacting them their executive was at my door steps to collect my vehicle. He understood each and every problem in detail that was their in my vehicle and took detailed notes of all what was required to be done. Then their service manager called me and explained about the detailed charges and time duration required for the complete repair which included denting, painting , wheel balancing and alignment , Full car service and other minors repairs. To my pleasant surprise the charges quoted by Go Mechanic Team was very reasonable and even lower when compared with the charges quoted by the local Mechanic. They committed to deliver the car to me with in the next 72 hours. The vehicle was actually delivered to me with in the committed time frame and without any flaw. I was really glad to see the excellent quality of their work as they converted my 10 year old vehicle into just like a new one. When I went for the drive I could feel a lot of positive difference in my car. It was running absolutely smoothly and all the problems were gone. The car AC also was working perfectly fine and there was no engine noise like it used to be before the service. I was more than satisfied with the quality of service provided by Go Mechanic Team and got real value for the money I paid to them with complete piece of mind.

I could feel The Go Mechanic advantage with their unbeatable prices 100% genuine spares, unmatched service warranty and car service at my convenience with free pick up and drop.

It was truly a pleasant experience for not only my car but me as well and I highly recommend availing their services and now for sure every vehicle in my family is going to get serviced at Go Mechanic.

Here are before and after pictures of my car and difference is clearly visible.

Thanks to Go Mechanic Team for exceeding my expectations in all aspects.
They are also available online and they are very responsive on social media on
Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram .

You can also download Gomechanic app on Google Play Store

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

JoyGaon:Best Getaway For Weekends

On The occasion of Holi, I visited Joygaon with my family. I had heard a lot about this wonderful place from my friends so we just drove to this place.

It is totally a fantastic place to visit as it is the only place where I can enjoy my time with my family while staying there. We were welcomed at the arrival. We had our breakfast with unlimited choices. We also enjoyed our food at Brahmin Rasoi with authentic food.

There was grand celebration on Holi, we all celebrated holi there with great fun with dry gulal. There was rain bath too and kids were enjoying in inflatable water tubs which were full with holi Holi colors and water. It was truly a safe holi experience for me with music, culture and heritage. There were so many other activities like Pottery, Folk Dance, tractor ride Rides and much more.

What could be the better way to celebrate Holi with unlimited food,adventure activities and Bollywood music with stay facility. We all enjoyed a lot right from eating a wide range of cuisine from breakfast till evening snacks and tea. There are so many outdoor and indoor Games like Cricket, Badminton, Basket ball,Table Tennis, Snooker Chess, Air hockey, Carrom Board. One can enjoy Gun Shooting, Gulel, Archery, Dart too and kids havd their different zone like Multy-play Station, Swings, Sea-Saw,Rock Wall Climbing, Commando Net, Net Climbing, Tyre Climbing,Parallel Rope, Commando Crawl.
At night we stayed there. Rooms are really very comfortable. All rooms have all facilities from hot water,AC to fridge.
Joygaon is one of the best weekend destinations very close to Delhi NCR where one can have immense fun with their friends and family at a very very reasonable cost creating memories to cherish for a long time.

I really wish to visit at Joygaon again to cherish memories forever.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

#ShareTheLoad #PromiseToSTL. Ariel

Gender wise discrimination persists not only in India but across the world...Why? I cant find out the reason behind this. I have seen the discrimination in different form whether its at work place,at home or any place.

I think it is because Women judge themselves inferior and that's why they are fail to understand their rights thus they are neglected and mistreated by the society. It is still a very big problem specially in India.

Now this discrimination starts from household itself. For example if a guest comes at home always a girl child will be asked to get water or anything for the guest although this can be done by a male child. The same way the other household works like washing clothes,cooking and others household work are assigned to a woman only. The statistics are really surprising and these stats explain the realistic scenario as well. Now the question arises,if a man and woman working are working at same level and their earnings are also similar then why the women is only responsible for kids and other household work. How a husband can support her or how he can help her in different ways is the topic to stress upon. 

First of all parents should teach their son's to respect women from childhood itself and encourage them to be more active in household and make them learn the basic household tasks at home. A husband should help in upbringing of his children as well and also help with household chores. Household tasks can be divided in different segments between easy tasks and difficult tasks initially, easy tasks can be done by husband and difficult tasks can be done by wife. Wife can make a list to review the task and ask her husband to choose the tasks in which he is comfortable and he can then opt for the same.Sharing task is not only the solution of the problem but a wife should choose the right approach to engage her husband in tasks ...wife should tell his husband about the task how  this can be done in fun way ....deciding mutually in what way both are comfortable so the partner does not get bored doing the same task again and again and wife should not feel shy if she needs any help. A wife should praise her husband and never criticize in front of any body and also she should tell her husband that his contributions at household level would help maintain her energy levels and this would also help both of them to spend more time together.

So I can say that partially it is in control of us as a woman and we can try to close this gap and we should aim to start this from our own house first as they say Charity begins at home.We have to make some changes at our home so that women should be treated equally to men and we must inculcate this thought process in my mind of our son's and husband. 

At my home we share household tasks... for laundry as we all know that fully automatic machine has made it so easy to wash clothes that now anybody can operate it easily..but my husband helps me in laundry work while I am doing other task and after that we both enjoy dinner and TV together. 

“I am writing for #ShareTheLoad as a contest entry  #PromiseToSTL

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Surajgarh Gurugram: Weekend getaway

Last week as it was Sunday and we had nothing much to do so we decided to visit Surajgarh Gurugram, Haryana. I had heard a lot about this wonderful place so we just drove to Surajgarh Gurgaon which was just an hour long drive.

I was amazed to see that beautiful place.

Surajgarh Gurugram is surrounded by fields all around and just away from hustle and bustle of the city. There are so many activities for every age group. It is a picnic spot with day activities. You can also enjoy Natural beauty care and Relaxation activities like Mehndi, mud bath and head massage 

 For kids there is puppet show,magical show, camel ride, camel cart, Tractor & Bullock Cart Ride. There are so many sport activities like from volleyball, cricket, badminton, , Commando Crawl,Commando Net. My kids really enjoyed Tarzan Swing (Note : Wear loose clothes to do different activities). There is pottery activity too. I would suggest  this activity is must for kids  and they can take their mouled creation as a souvenir to their home also. There are so many animals and birds are also kept in cages for the kids like rabbits, pigeons, hen and goat. These all activities will work as supplement for kids whatever they have read in their text books about village life.

There one can enjoy so many ethnic games like Kanche goli, Archery, Gulel , Dart shooting, Air gun shooting.

We all enjoyed a lot right from eating a wide range of cuisine from breakfast till evening snacks and tea.

I would say that it is One of the best places near Delhi to spend a day full of fun and activity filled time with the entire family.

One can create several memories to cherish for a long time with your loved ones and it is really worth a visit. I am surely going to visit here again very soon.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

“Mommy Knows Best” :AllAboutKiids

I have  two lovely kids son and a daughter aged 6 & 8 respectively & have ensured that I have raised them with utmost care,love and affection as a result they are full of self-esteem and confidence.I  love to do less correcting & more connecting all the time with my kids & more hugging and less tugging with them.My love is really unconditional and my kids are like great friends to me and disclose everything to me openly without any fear.I believe of all the rights of women,greatest is to be a mother and my kids have a great loving and caring father who makes sure that they never do anything unethical & follow high moral values.

I think that my kids have given me several wonderful #Khulke Jiyo moment but there are few those ones which are etched in my mind. The first time when my daughter while dancing on a stage pulled me in and made me to dance along with her like a free child and then there was this moment when she tried to cook food for me when I was suffering from high fever and there was no one other than her at home to take care of me. Her imperfect flat chapatis tasted may better than my perfectly rounded ones as they had her love,care and affection for me and then there is one special moment with my son who was playing in the sand and writing something when he was just 4 years old ans as I went close to him.I saw the words "Mom I love you"scribbled in the sand. these moments will always remain etched in my most sweetest memories as they taught me three very important lessons in life (1) Be what you want to be
(2) Care for your love ones 
(3) Experiencing your love for some one really makes the difference. I feel proud every m,moment to have such lovely kids who taught me to live life "Khulke Jiyo"

Spending time with Family is really fun and we get to share the best moments of Life together. The Joy of being with your loved ones cannot be replaced by any Materialistic Happiness of this world. When my Kids Hug me tight or when they kiss me and tell me that Mom we Love you, that just makes my day and make me so Happy that I forget my all Work related stress & any & all other problems of this World. Togetherness is really important as you get to share your Joys, Sorrows, Problems & possible Solutions and best place to usually do these conversations is the Dinner table. It is so very important to share feelings as one can really feel so light when he or she has shared his problems and Happiness with his near and dear ones! 

Super Woman : My Mom

 I surely believe in Love at First Sight as My mom was the first person whom I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time & truly I am in deep love with her since then. I always believe in doing my best in whatever way I can to ensure that little happiness & see that cute smile on her face. My mom is the most special person in my life as she brought me to this World,gave me the best though she managed to somehow live with the rest&has supported me in all my decisions & has stood by me in all my tough times. She always did less correcting &more connecting with me and I love her also being a Mom who always did less tugging but more hugging. I really owe her a lot and this Mother's Day if I can do something special for her then that would really mean a lot to me! 

I cant forget one incident  when I was in fifth class one day my Mother saw me crying lonely in my room.She came to my room and asked politely that what had happened to me and why I was crying.I told her that next day I have a mathematics   exam for which I don't know anything and I am sure to fail in that exam.My school teacher tries her best to explain me but I am unable to understand it.My mother took my mathematics books in her room and came back after couple of hours,she then spent next 2 hours explaining me my mathematics  chapters in details with great Interest and care and helped me to prepare really well for my exam.I appeared for my mathematics  exam the very next day morning & surprise!!! Surprise !!!scored 50 out of 50 in my mathematics   exam.My teacher was surprised & praised me a lot .I came back home with a big smile on my face as my mother came back home from office .I kissed  & hugged her tightly.She was too very happy to see her daughter performed so well  with her little effort.This incident is the most memorable and touching moment in my life.

Here is video which I would love to dedicate my mom

My mom is the most special person in my life as she brought me to this World,gave me the best though she managed to somehow live with the rest&has supported me in all my decisions & has stood by me in all my tough times. My dad was the sole bread earner in our family and my mom wanted to help him in whatever way possible. She started stitching clothes for many of our neighbors at low rates and soon she could develop a very good clientele. She believed in the power of compounding of money so she started investing in Kisan Vikas Patras (KVP's) way back then. These KVP's doubled her money in every five years and she started the process of wealth creation with a long term vision. Slowly and steadily she was able to increase her savings every month and with the power of compounding  these savings turned into large amounts. We as kids now were shifted from Government schools to private schools. All thanks to her efforts and intelligence. She managed to give us the best education and we could make a successful career as well. She could not only fulfill all our basic needs and requirements but also give us quality education. We learnt the art of not only saving money from her but also the art of multiplying it safely. All thanks to her financial acumen that we could live a life beating poverty and create a bright future!  

She told me that nothing is impossible in this World  She has always taught me to make the most of what I had.When I got married my mother gave me the best advice for leading a truly happy married life and it was that whatever happens you should sort out the matter in your home and with patience and discussions any matter can be sorted out. Running away from problems is never a solution and one must try making little possible adjustment at all time