Saturday, 5 May 2018

“Mommy Knows Best” :AllAboutKiids

I have  two lovely kids son and a daughter aged 6 & 8 respectively & have ensured that I have raised them with utmost care,love and affection as a result they are full of self-esteem and confidence.I  love to do less correcting & more connecting all the time with my kids & more hugging and less tugging with them.My love is really unconditional and my kids are like great friends to me and disclose everything to me openly without any fear.I believe of all the rights of women,greatest is to be a mother and my kids have a great loving and caring father who makes sure that they never do anything unethical & follow high moral values.

I think that my kids have given me several wonderful #Khulke Jiyo moment but there are few those ones which are etched in my mind. The first time when my daughter while dancing on a stage pulled me in and made me to dance along with her like a free child and then there was this moment when she tried to cook food for me when I was suffering from high fever and there was no one other than her at home to take care of me. Her imperfect flat chapatis tasted may better than my perfectly rounded ones as they had her love,care and affection for me and then there is one special moment with my son who was playing in the sand and writing something when he was just 4 years old ans as I went close to him.I saw the words "Mom I love you"scribbled in the sand. these moments will always remain etched in my most sweetest memories as they taught me three very important lessons in life (1) Be what you want to be
(2) Care for your love ones 
(3) Experiencing your love for some one really makes the difference. I feel proud every m,moment to have such lovely kids who taught me to live life "Khulke Jiyo"

Spending time with Family is really fun and we get to share the best moments of Life together. The Joy of being with your loved ones cannot be replaced by any Materialistic Happiness of this world. When my Kids Hug me tight or when they kiss me and tell me that Mom we Love you, that just makes my day and make me so Happy that I forget my all Work related stress & any & all other problems of this World. Togetherness is really important as you get to share your Joys, Sorrows, Problems & possible Solutions and best place to usually do these conversations is the Dinner table. It is so very important to share feelings as one can really feel so light when he or she has shared his problems and Happiness with his near and dear ones! 

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