Sunday, 18 January 2015

#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob @Ariel

Gender wise discrimination persists not only in India but across the world...Why? I cant find out the reason behind this. I have seen the discrimination in different form whether its at work place,at home or any place.

I think it is because Women judge themselves inferior and that's why they are fail to understand their rights thus they are neglected and mistreated by the society. It is still a very big problem specially in India.

Now this discrimination starts from household itself. For example if a guest comes at home always a girl child will be asked to get water or anything for the guest although this can be done by a male child. The same way the other household works like washing clothes,cooking and others household work are assigned to a woman only. The statistics are really surprising and these stats explain the realistic scenario as well. Now the question arises,if a man and woman working are working at same level and their earnings are also similar then why the women is only responsible for kids and other household work. How a husband can support her or how he can help her in different ways is the topic to stress upon. 

First of all parents should teach their son's to respect women from childhood itself and encourage them to be more active in household and make them learn the basic household tasks at home. A husband should help in upbringing of his children as well and also help with household chores. Household tasks can be divided in different segments between easy tasks and difficult tasks initially, easy tasks can be done by husband and difficult tasks can be done by wife. Wife can make a list to review the task and ask her husband to choose the tasks in which he is comfortable and he can then opt for the same.Sharing task is not only the solution of the problem but a wife should choose the right approach to engage her husband in tasks ...wife should tell his husband about the task how  this can be done in fun way ....deciding mutually in what way both are comfortable so the partner does not get bored doing the same task again and again and wife should not feel shy if she needs any help. A wife should praise her husband and never criticize in front of any body and also she should tell her husband that his contributions at household level would help maintain her energy levels and this would also help both of them to spend more time together.

So I can say that partially it is in control of us as a woman and we can try to close this gap and we should aim to start this from our own house first as they say Charity begins at home.We have to make some changes at our home so that women should be treated equally to men and we must inculcate this thought process in my mind of our son's and husband. 

At my home we share household tasks... for laundry as we all know that fully automatic machine has made it so easy to wash clothes that now anybody can operate it easily..but my husband helps me in laundry work while I am doing other task and after that we both enjoy dinner and TV together. 

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