Wednesday, 16 July 2014

BABA ELAICHI- The best Mouth Freshner -Silver Coated Elaichi


BABA Elaichi is 100% natural mouth freshener which assures long lasting refreshment.

BABA Elaichi has a unique taste, these seeds are blended with exclusive flavors, spices and saffron before being coated with pure silver. BABA Elaichi is a pioneer in Silver Coated Elaichi with its Unique Freshness has undoubtedly no comparison with others.

(1)Cardamom seeds have a great and unique benefit that is used as a mouth freshner & BABA Elaichi always maintains a great taste in the mouth with fresh breath.

(2)It also forms a flavoring basis for medicinal preparations for indigestion and BABA Elaichi is really good for improving digestion as well.

(3) It is used to form fragrance in Indian dishes like it add flavors in curries, rice , cakes, chutney and Tea. When BABA Elaichi is added to rice preparations. it gives a great taste & smell to it

(4) BABA Elaichi also has numerous health benefits, such as improving digestion and metabolism.

(5)Cardamom is one of the spices used to make Garam Masala.It can be used as health tonic also. Having BABA Elaichi anytime is surely a health booster.

Overall its a great product with High quality offering superb experience anytime & everytime.
Taste:Taste is awesome with little sweetness,taste of Kesar and first time I tasted pure silver.BABA Elaichi has pure & natural ingredients commonly found in Indian Kitchen,It also offers the most authentic flavor with perfect finishing. 

Mouth Freshning Capacity: BABA Elaichi pleases my taste-buds. Elachi is Indian traditional digestive and mouth freshener.The best thing that I found in BABA Elaichi is that,it not only freshens up my mouth, but also boosts digestion with its ingredients.The taste is refreshing and fragrance is also outstanding.Its mouth freshening capacity is great and moreover fragrance & taste lasts for long span of time.It has rich aroma and long lasting effect. It keeps my breath fresh all day long.

Quantity in the box: I believe that all big things comes in small packets.The Quantity is appropriate according to the price as it is high quality product containing all natural and expensive ingredients.

Reviews: My husband likes it very much and according to him BABA Elaichi is an awesome mouth freshener as it supports long lasting freshness .I can give to my kids too as it contains only natural ingredients and there is  nothing harmful in it.My kids loves to chew seeds of BABA Elaichi and have it on regular basis as they like it so much.

I love this BABA ELAICHI so much that now my kids loves to have it after their every meal,before BABA ELAICHI they love to chew toffees but they love to chew the seeds of BABA ELAICHI.
 Now I always keep small Rs-1 pouches of BABA ELAICHI in my home as my kids love to take it in their lunch boxes.


Even I love the taste,aroma and freshness that I buy a new pack every time even before the old one is finished as I know that my hubby and my kids will ask for it anytime.Thanks for making such a wonderful product which is high on quality,great on price and offers several health benefits!!!


  1. The packet mentions that it is NOT suitable for children!! Please check!

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