Tuesday, 17 February 2015

AVIVA #WingsToDreams

I have two lovely kids a son aged six and daughter aged 8  although they both are very small but both have big dreams. We don't have any funds problem at this stage but as I am always worried about their future, I tensed to search for the best child plan for them. I always want to  give my kids best and to fulfill their dreams for which financial planning is very important. I always keep on discussing this with my friends,relatives infect on social media as well ..to get guidelines to make a concrete financial planning for my kids future.

As now standard of living is rising , the expenses for child's school fee, tuition fee are also rising so we have to take this into account while estimating their financial investments required for higher studies and for sure these would rise as well significantly. I would like to invest in some guaranteed child plan that delivers support at the time when I need the money to fulfill bigger dreams of my Kids . My daughter wants to be a doctor and my son wants to be a pilot so that's why I have to  plan ahead and start saving early, so that I can achieve the desired amount for further education without any worry.

My Husband is already taking advantages from his employer for tax exemptions for tuition fees paid in School and moreover my hubby's employer provides an education allowance for children too.Time to time I Consult my financial planner to discuss a sensible amount  to save in various plans. I have opened savings account from the time of their birth and I invest in FD's as well for savings for them. I have already invested in Real estate as well that will surely going to help me when they grow up but I surely think that I would have to invest in a systematic investment plan in form of a child plan which is not only save and secure but give good return on investment.
I am very realistic and always plan my budget that is very simple & clear. I shop less and save more and always love to shop from offers and discounts to save more and compare rates on Internet before shopping.

There are a number of affordable, flexible investment plans in the market .The real magic is to decide on a reliable plan so that's why now I am looking for this ..to invest further I am going to analyze more plans and I am in touch with Aviva India team as well which is surely the best in this sector. 

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