Tuesday, 7 April 2015

#DilKiDealOnSnapdeal My Dil Ki Deal

This incident happened last month only. I was cleaning the bed and as I just removed the bed sheet from the bed,suddenly I heard the voice of something falling down. I saw that my husband's mobile was on the floor.It seemed normal but as I just picked it up,I saw that the screen of the phone was totally smashed. At that time my hubby was bathing so I didn't tell him anything at that point of time as we were going out so I did not want to disturb him at that time.I put the mobile in my purse and as we both were in car he asked me that Is his mobile in my purse.I said him softly yes and told him that today I have done a biggest mistake. He assured me that Never mind just tell me what has happened .I showed him mobile....and as I saw the expressions on his face. I really felt very bad. he did not say anything to me and said don't worry jo ho gya so ho gya....never mind as we can't fix it again.

I really felt very bad and decided to get back the same cheerful smile on his face again. But was not able to understand what to do. as it was his favorite mobile and was very lucky for him. I went to local retailers, different outlets but the prices were so high. I had to buy something in my budget. I tried many shops but I did not find any deal.Now I was really confused and was not able to understand  what to do. I talked to one of my best friend and told her all story she told me don't worry Snapdeal hai na. She told me that I can surely get a deal from Snapdeal.com.

     I ordered the same phone at amazing price under a special deal at Snapdeal.com and also earned cash back on my credit card. I ordered the phone on Saturday evening. Next day as it was Sunday we all woke up late. I was in kitchen preparing breakfast suddenly door bell rang I saw a courier boy standing and when I saw the packet in his hand ...I rejoiced it was the phone which I had just ordered the day before at Snapdeal.com. I opened the phone and inserted my hubby's SIM card in new phone.
My hubby was reading the newspaper and asked for tea. I kept the new phone on the table in front of him and dialed his number from different number from kitchen to  see his reaction. As the bell rang my hubby picked up the phone and was amazed ....that smile Wish I could capture in a camera. He stood and hugged me tightly and said "Tum to bahut smart ho gyi ho"
That was the true Dil ki deal from Snapdeal.

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

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