Sunday, 14 June 2015

#SmellyToSmiley Activity -Ambipur

Me and my family stay in 2 BHK apartment in Delhi and our family is Punjabi family. Daily I have to face many type of odours whether it is winter,summer or rainy season. We all love spicy food and I love to add different spices like chilies and garlic in Tadka. My kids love to eat garlic but they find its smell to be very unpleasant. In rainy season this odor becomes more prominent due to lack of ventilation. Many times after a rain, there is a distinctive odour in the home — a sort of musky smell and while on the other hand it's so cleansing and refreshing outside. I find these two seasons of summer and monsoon season to be full of odour. It could be compared in the same way like Garbage in a dustbin or used clothes specially socks which makes my home smell really nasty and trust me It can get really embarrassing when you have Guests at home.
I really don't like this smell and have tried various methods to beat this smell. I always instruct my maid to add Phenyl while cleaning the floor but these all are temporary solutions for few minutes. I can feel nice smell for some time as that persists only for few minutes. I have also tried aromatic candles or diyas but that is also not much effective as there are various corners in my home with nasty smell and that solution is expensive too.
Just few months back I saw advertisement of Ambipur. I didn't trust on the advertisement but then one of my friend noticed the nasty smell in  my home and she recommended me Ambipur to eliminate odour then once when I visited her home although her home is also very small ...I felt light nice lavender perfume smell. I asked her she said its the light and sweet smell of Ambipur.

I am using Ambipur since last 6 months. Now I need not to worry about bad smell Thanks Ambipur now there is no more struggling to get rid of that horrible bad smell. I love to shop Ambipur room freshner everytime during my abroad travel and collect various fragrances just last time when I visited Abu Dhabi I bought fruits and citrus fragrance of Ambipur and now its must in my every month's shopping list.

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur "

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