Tuesday, 28 July 2015

foodpanda.in :ANNAPURNA

Ordering food from foodpanda is always a delightful experience and I get to see the entire menu of the best of the restaurants in and around my area and from the process of selecting the restaurant of choice, food of choice and even the payment process, ofcourse coupled with (superb deals) works like a charm. You can choose delivery options or pickup by yourself as per your convenience and choice that to delivered on time almost every time. foodpanda customer support team is super quick to resolve any queries or issues over the phone and make sure that the customer is satisfied every time. The food panda app offers the convenience to order food at same prices as that of the restaurants without paying any additional charges at all. The payment options are so many that you can surely find the one of your choice and even COD option is available for several restaurants.

This food combination ordered through foodpanda app is truly hiphop for me as it is a true combination of North Indian thali with a South Indian Dosa combining the taste of two cultures together. For me this is going to be the top food trend as it blends and creates a fusion of two diverse cultures.

foodpanda app also helps me to quickly organise for a meal in case there are surprise guests visits to my home or my office any time of the day and also whether it is celebrations at home for a birthday party or an anniversary or a gettogether, I can order anything from a cake to starters and even main course in just no time. With so many offers it helps me to also save money everytime. I am so addicted to the app now that every time I think of ordering food my fingers start to roll on the touch screen of my smartphone looking for the foodpanda app. This wonderful app should be given the honor of being true "ANNAPURNA" As it's a true giver of food and nourishment for everyone.

Ordering food every time on foodpanda is an experience that relishes my taste buds every single time and brings smiles on faces of my family and friends every time.

“I am blogging for "What’s Hip in Food This Summer?” Contest. for foodpanda"


  1. I am sure this recipe is going to make my family happy. I am going to try it for lunch next day for sure. Thanks a lot.
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