Friday, 3 October 2014


Part 18 Part 19 

Acharya was walking in the room. He took a sigh and laid down on the arm chair with his lethargic body. Today he was feeling very low as he had a lot of burden ...he really wanted to get rid of all these but now he had no way to come out from everything. He started thinking about his past.

"Why I am in guilt today?..why I have done so many things..who insisted me to do so..why I am feeling so low..I am the most powerful man but today????"
He laughed out loudly to hide his feelings of remorse and guilt...Suddenly the phone rang. His body was lethargic he pressed speaker phone
"Guruji.... Everything is fine here and safe. We kept her in godown. So everything is settled here"
"hmmmm.........    Good"

Acharya pressed the bell and a middle aged men appeared.
"make my arrangements..for Morning .."
"for What Guruji"
Acharya banged on the table,shouting loudly ..vase shattered on the floor.
"Do I need to explain you further...Just get out and make arrangements and don't create any  further problems"

"Hey just move from questioning..Please Please....just move"
"but Sir...Had you been Kidnapped..Sir the country is really worried about you ..people wanted to check where were you....We all are here to know that..Please sir answer please........."
"Hey you girl .......I will throw you out with your mic and camera...Don't create a scene here. Sir is not in the mood to answer your silly are welcome in the conference...and no 
further questions please"
The gate was decorated with flowers. There was huge security on the gate. 

The PM arrived in midst of huge crowd and there were roars..slogans and shouts, cheering for the PM.

PM started his speech acknowledging the crowd for their love and affection
" My country men it is your love affection and prayers that I am standing here in front of all safe and sound. I  had gone for seeking spiritual blessings from my guruji and hence I was not here for last few days. I did't want to make it a public issue so had not informed anyone about my whereabouts!!......"

To be continued...... to read next part click here

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