Thursday, 30 October 2014


I got this great opportunity from to first time ever buy something from where as I had always used this site only for selling the extra stuff at my home. Really I am so thankful to Blogadda to give me a great chance and experience to enjoy this opportunity as a buyer as well because my all previous dealings through Quikr were for selling rather than buying. Having sold several items at Quikr earlier my experience with them was really great as  I had sold few things really quick on Quikr. This time too I had a great experience with Quikr though it was different as I was the buyer this time. Quikr is really a very user friendly site with great options to choose from that can fit in your budget with sorting criteria like price, model ,brand etc. My experience which I am sharing below as a buyer was equally pleasant as that when I was a seller.

Actually at the time I got this opportunity,the same time there was a little incident that happened with my sister. I had a great twist and here I am sharing with all of you the same. My sister lost her Samsung Galaxy SL smartphone just few days back and she was so much attached with her Galaxy SL phone. She loved its features and the ease of use so much that she had got addicted to this phone. Unfortunately during the diwali rush she lost her phone while travelling in the bus. She came back home crying and told me that I really need the same mobile again. I searched on the internet but could not find a new one of the same model and hence the only option that came to my my mind was Quikr. Thanks to Blog adda and Quikr as they both gave me this opportunity to get a smile on her face again.

It was really simple I just logged in the with my previous email ID and simply chose mobiles from the various segments that were there to choose from like car & bikes,real estate ,home & lifestyles,services, mobiles & tablets etc. The site is really fast and you can get results as per your search criteria really quick. The results can then be sorted out and filtered with ease to get the best fit as per your expectation and requirement.

 I chose Mobiles & tablets segment with the help of link and under different brands segments I chose Samsung ...I got various models under this and as I had already decided about the model , the search and selection was really simple and quick. I just had to mention the model Samsung Galaxy SL in the search box and I did get some results to chose from. 

I also got great choices after sorting it and then I got one seller who was selling the same model in a good condition with good price as price was also important for me.

My top most priority was good condition so I contacted this seller with the help of chat facility available on quikr 

I spoke to him as this seller was residing just few Kilometers from my home. I decided a meeting point just in the center to meet him in cafe shop. 

The very next day I met the seller across the table and he had brought the phone along with him. The phone was really in great and good condition with few accessories  like charger,ear phone and USB cable. I got this scratch less phone just in Rs 5200/- which I paid in cash to him. Infact the seller further gave me commitment that if I found any problem with the phone in next 7-8 days I can get my full money back. I handed him the money and bought the phone from him.

I gave this phone to my sister today morning only as a surprise and I can't express the feelings and expressions on her face. She was speechless initially and hugged me tight. She initially thought that I had actually found out her lost phone from somewhere. When I told her that I had actually got this for her through Quikr, she was really amazed and not only thanked me but Quikr as well. 

It was really a great experience and as the name suggests Quikr means quick ...the deal really happened very quick and beyond imagination. In a nut shell great deal with great price and super quick. It was really lovely and great experience which I will always remember forever. Quikr not only helped me  to get a replica of my sister's phone really quick that too at a great price but also brought back the smile on my sister's face. Quikr is very user friendly and one can filter or sort products as per specific  requirements very quickly. Nothing is hidden because of the direct interaction between the  buyer and the seller. The response time is always very quick and It creates a win-win situation for all.

Thanks Quikr !!!

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