Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest full Experiences which I want to Live in Life!!!

(1)Mountaineering - As  name suggests — is the sport of walking, hiking and climbing up mountains,which is quite dangerous but more adventurous.I want to be on top of highest mountain so that I can look around from peak and feel myself to be on top of the World.I believe this is an extreme sport to try out which requires a lot of courage and patience and daring attitude.

(2)Live Volcano- I have always read about Volcanoes in books,articles and on TV but I have never seen it in my real life.I am really so crazy about this I want to see a live Volcano in my life and want to capture pics in my camera.

(3)Mummies- I have a deep interest and desire to look all the mummies in this World and really want to touch them.Since my childhood I always wanted to be an archaeologist,but their was problem from the family front that's why I was not able to fulfill my dream.I really want to feel the sensation and want to immerse myself in the old era,.I know its sounds crazy but yes I am crazy for this.I have read a lot of articles in books but wanted to see all mummies of the World before I die.

(4)Scuba Diving - Yes this is the activity I always wanted to do and now I am going to do it in the month of August as I am visiting Port Blair next month.I have never experienced it before but I am really thrilled for this and going to explore The underwater world  

(5)Tomatina Festival- I have experienced Holi in India,but now I wanted to experience Tomatina Festival in Spain and wanted to enjoy this exotic Red festival.This activity involves music, dancing, entertainment and joy.I want to enjoy and take part at the tomato fight and want to slip on red juice. This is also a crazy activity which I really want to do once in my life

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