Sunday, 20 July 2014

#WHATTHEBLACK - Black is secretive & here are my 5 Black secretive desires

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Black is my favorite color as it represents elegance and class. The more I get it the more I yearn for it. From the start of my day till end of the day I love to live with black. My morning starts with a cup of black coffee served in a black mug and nights end with couple of pegs of black label...

I love to live with black by getting ready for work usually wearing best branded Black formals suits paired with black sandals, black handbag and black stylish specs. Luckily I have all of these with me as these are still affordable but here below is my wish list of five black things that I desire to have in my life for having a complete day everyday living life to the fullest with black.   
(1) I desire to have a Black Caviar Bang from Hublot ladies watch which has case, crown dial and clasp encrusted in baguette-cut black diamonds.It is really a masterpiece which I dream of having clasped on my wrist. It is such an elegant, stylish and most expensive masterpiece that I would love to have to carry myself with the most stylish expression.

(2) I desire to have black Merc E class and want to leave for work in the same with a great music system and plush black leather seats to drive till my office in comfort with style. This is my dream machine which I want to drive as soon as possible.Black is secretive and so is this my desire.


(3)I want to have a black Montblanc pen with my name engraved on it with black ink to sign important documents leaving a long lasting impression each and every time on every one I work with.


(4) I want to  then work for the entire day on a high performance black colored most technologically advanced and high tech laptop which can help me to do my work efficiently and faster within the least possible time.It should have a high end multi-core processor with superb memory and graphics.

(5) I want black diamond studded iPhone with 4G connection to manage all my important calls,meetings, video chats and browsing on the go so I can make the best use of my time not only in  my office or home but even during my travel leaving a solid impression on everyone whom I meet.

After having a great day at work I rejuvenate my self by having couple of pegs of  high quality black label whisky. It really lightens up my mood and relieves me of all work pressure to start another morning tomorrow fully rejuvenated, full of energy and enthusiasm again.I wish these five desires come true as soon as possible in my life.

These five black things are my deepest desires and wish to fulfill all of them during this life time 


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