Wednesday, 30 July 2014


#WhatTheBlack - Day 1

#WhatTheBlack Looking at this mysterious black egg, the first thought it invokes is "What came first the Black egg or the Black chicken"

This Black egg looks so mysterious and it is so tough to know whether this represents only some mystery or there is some black magic which has the sheer power to hypnotize the viewer of it. What's inside this egg is even more mysterious & I am dying to find it out. Wow its a dark chocolate which is so delicious that it has taken my taste buds on a Joy ride. I am just loving it and as it melts in my mouth, I relish its taste thinking where it had been all these years & I am getting Hypnotized by its Black Magic indeed!!



  #WhatTheBlack - Day 2

#WhatTheBlack  Received my Day-2 surprise!! Usually We have seen & heard about black on white but today first time experiencing white on black leaving a long lasting impression on me!! Soon they would change the saying from Black in White to White on Black :) !!! now for any special document!



#WhatTheBlack - Day 3


My Day-3 Surprise "Wipe off all the sins with the Black napkin and sip away anything freely without being noticed anytime,anywhere using the Black disposable cup" It looks so stylish & different leaving a long lasting impression. I wish the Black napkins were as common as the white ones!!! 



#WhatTheBlack - Day 4


Final surprise Colgate SlimSoft CHARCOAL toothbrush  

 The Tooth Brush is surely first of a Kind that I have seen ever with Lustrous black Bristles. I have seen Toothbrush bristles with various colors like white, blue, yellow, red or green but never ever with Black. This Black Toothbrush really makes me say & wonder #WhatTheBlack It has supreme quality with Black Charcoal infused Bristles which can do a deep cleaning action on your teeth yet being so gentle & soft. It is surely going to be really effective in removing stains & Plaque from teeth giving the most fresh breath ever along with shiny teeth. This wonderful new Colgate Slimsoft tooth Brush with Charcoal infused Bristles is going to take the market by storm & its really going to infuse a new positive change in the oral healthcare Market segment. I am sure all the Dentist are also going to recommend this one as Charcoal is 100% safe & is very effective to bring that shining smile on your face removing all the Plaque & reducing the stains!!!


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