Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest -Life time Experience

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 (1)Ride roller coasters - Although I had ride on roller coaster so many times,but I want to ride the largest and scariest roller coaster in  my life to overcome the fear,nervousness from my life.I am scared of going upside down.Most of time on roller coaster I tend to close my eyes tightly but now I really want to experience roller coaster with open eyes to feel the courage by doing so.

(2) Wanted to visit all places related to Kings - I want to visit centuries-old tradition of cultivation like wanted to see their lifestyle in reality,their trends,how they were looking at that time.I wish if I can find out a gadget or any camera from which I can see their lifestyles,looks etc.

 (3)Alone in the Jungle - I wish to spend my whole one day in Jungle without water or food and wanted to survive to eat whatever will be available in jungle.It will be the different way to de-stress my self and  to experience something new and adventurous.I wanted to capture beauty of nature around me.

(4) Wanted to spend time alone in Antarctica - it seems very crazy but yes it is true I really would love to spend my one whole day with Penguins in snow World.Penguins are quite funny and fascinating creatures.Truly I will be my life time experience.I wanted to feel icebergs,seals and penguins. 

(5)Sitting in cockpit on the seat of co-pilot in the flying Aircraft: Although I am not a professional pilot,but I think this profession is one of the royal and esteemed profession.I feel very crazy when an aircraft takes off or at the landing time & when it runs on runway.I really want to feel it once in life.I felt this kind of experience in one of the swing.Now I want to experience this while seating in the cockpit at the seat of co-pilot in the flying aircraft with Pilot.I know it is not possible but still it is one of the my craziest desire.

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