Monday, 14 July 2014

Mardaani-None other than myself

Visit to discover Indian blogs Mardaani-None Other Than me This is real incident that had happened with me when I was in College. I was a very shy and reserved kind of girl all through my school life and never had faced any incidents like eve teasing during my school days. When I started going to my College I was Just 17, I had to travel on a chartered bus service to reach my college.
It so happened one day that the Bus was little bit over crowded and I was standing inside the bus. I felt a hand suddenly touching me on my back. I first ignored thinking that this could be unknowingly due to the crowd but it happened again within a span of two minutes and again and now I lost my patience I just grabbed that hand and found that a middle aged Man was doing this. I slapped him really hard in front of everyone & when I did that I really was shivering a lot and all the people in the Bus came to my support and asked that Man to leave that Bus immediately. He had his head down in Shame and I had seen a change in me just in a split second from a quiet shy girl to a Mardaani. I am really proud that I brought that change in me and Now I am never afraid of fighting any injustice or wrong deed by anyone. I really thank Rani Mukherjee for coming up with yet another strong lead role of Mardaani that will give the courage to innocent girls to be brave and fight injustice. Its my dream to Thank Rani Mukherjee in person if possible for this. Thanks. 

Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers. You all have a fire and respect for such fiery women. It’s time you blog about it.

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers.  

Egypt- The Mummies are Calling me!!! Visit to discover Indian blogs
Iam a Travel Freak having traveled extensively in continents like Asia, Australia & ... Third A... Africa which is missing for long has always been one of my deepest desires to Visit. Egypt is an ancient land and houses one of the seven wonders of this world. The Pyramids, The Mummies, the sea & the desert all look so Charming. I really always feel that the Mummies are calling me. I just want to make this trip a reality with as You have it all be it be flights, Hotels or local travel at one place & as I was searching for these I was feeling some goosebumps in my stomach as if this dream is going to be a reality soon. I wish to travel for 3 to 4 days in Egypt flying from Delhi for this trip!!

I want to stay at a Hotel which is just centrally located and offers a nice clean room with good breakfast menu as I am just going to use the hotel for my Night sleep. has plenty of offering and great sorting options as well.

I am going to travel extensively in Egypt for Local Sight Seeing to see the Mummies, The Pyramids, The Desert & surf on the seas. offers plenty of taxi options as well for Local travel in Egypt with choices that can fit your budget.

I am going to see all it here in Egypt and I just wish that this dream of mine comes true!!
I would love Enjoy & Spend time at the colossal temple of Abu Simbel. The complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Nubian Monuments

I want to Visit the lovely beaches in Egypt and Enjoy the Sun & the Sand!!!

Aswan is the 3rd largest city in Egypt and the biggest in Upper Egypt. I want to Visit Aswan and spend a complete day here exploring various places.!!

Alexandria, "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", is the Largest seaport in Egypt and I want to walk along the sea for as long as I can....

Egypt- The Mummies are Calling me This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at


BABA Elaichi is 100% natural mouth freshener which assures long lasting refreshment.

BABA Elaichi has a unique taste, these seeds are blended with exclusive flavors, spices and saffron before being coated with pure silver. BABA Elaichi is a pioneer in Silver Coated Elaichi with its Unique Freshness has undoubtedly no comparison with others.

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(5)Cardamom is one of the spices used to make Garam Masala.It can be used as health tonic also. Having BABA Elaichi anytime is surely a health booster.

Overall its a great product with High quality offering superb experience anytime & everytime.
Taste:Taste is awesome with little sweetness,taste of Kesar and first time I tasted pure silver.BABA Elaichi has pure & natural ingredients commonly found in Indian Kitchen,It also offers the most authentic flavor with perfect finishing. 

Mouth Freshning Capacity: BABA Elaichi pleases my taste-buds. Elachi is Indian traditional digestive and mouth freshener.The best thing that I found in BABA Elaichi is that,it not only freshens up my mouth, but also boosts digestion with its ingredients.The taste is refreshing and fragrance is also outstanding.Its mouth freshening capacity is great and moreover fragrance & taste lasts for long span of time.It has rich aroma and long lasting effect. It keeps my breath fresh all day long.

Quantity in the box: I believe that all big things comes in small packets.The Quantity is appropriate according to the price as it is high quality product containing all natural and expensive ingredients.

Reviews: My husband likes it very much and according to him BABA Elaichi is an awesome mouth freshener as it supports long lasting freshness .I can give to my kids too as it contains only natural ingredients and there is  nothing harmful in it.My kids loves to chew seeds of BABA Elaichi and have it on regular basis as they like it so much.

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Travel tips to Delhi DareDevils Team

Travel is full of pitfalls, a trip requires careful planning and our Delhi Daredevils #ApneMunde are always loaded with expectations from their fans to perform so as a true fan at least I can do is to suggest some useful travel tips that will help them to at least get rid of travel related stress or minimize it to guarantee a smooth trip by planning thoroughly and Here's how to make all the right moves so as to have a stress free travel. Listed below are important steps that can help #ApneMunde to prepare for a safe & 
comfortable trip anywhere & anytime

(1) #ApneMunde are really lucky to have a travel partner like Skyscanner who really ensure the most comfortable flight & travel options so travel partner choice is really important. Beware of any Travel Alerts and Warnings for your Destination like Weather conditions, civil unrest,any other possible dangerous conditions etc. before undertaking travel. Booking choice of seat like isle or window as per preference and meals choices as per your appetite is always a best practice to follow for any traveler.

(2) One must keep important travel documents like Passport & Tickets really handy preferably in a safe folder. Try to keep electronic copies of your travel documents which can also be very helpful in case of emergency.

(3) Pack light & to minimize clothes try to match all of the pants/bottoms you are taking with all of the tops,carry a minimum number of valuables and use high quality stroller bags as they are easy to handle anytime & anywhere. Make sure the bag dimensions are as per allowed cabin baggage sizes.

(4) Use covered luggage tags to avoid casual observation of your identity and nationality and avoid packing IDs, tickets and other important documents in backpacks.

(5) Wear comfortable and light clothes during the travel so you are comfortable during the flight and sit or sleep in any posture as required. Also ensure that there are couple of pockets in your clothes for keeping passport or boarding passes. Do keep eye shades to get rid of the lights during the flight and catch some sleep. Using ear phones with light music or ear plugs also helps to reduce the stressful engine noise of the aircraft.

(6) Everybody misses their family during travel and its not always possible for your family to accompany you for every trip so using advanced apps like Skype or video chatting really helps to connect with your near & dear ones any time and this is one of the best stress busters.

(7) Always keep a travel first aid kit along with you including commonly used medicines which can help in case of any minor problem during the travel.

(8) Never wear new shoes or your new jacket it may be initially tight. Instead use easy to remove footwear so it can be removed or worn as and when required.

(9) Learn the small courtesy phrases of local language as it really helps during travel within the local country and the fans love this experience of hearing anything from foreign players in their local language. Learn about 
local laws and customs of the country so you do not offend anyone unknowingly.

(10) Always carry at least one other form of entertainment with you could be an iPod or iPad or music player. Another choice is keeping a book or two for light reading during the flight. This may also be good to keep in case one does not find anything new or interesting in the in-flight entertainment system.

(11) Always carry hat, sunshades or goggles and wear sunscreen as hot climatic conditions can cause sunburn.

(12) Keep no coins or metallic objects during the travel so as to have an easy pass through from all security screenings.Avoid keeping any gels, liquids or any inflammable object in the handbag as it can cause unnecessary problem during security screening and may have to be removed from the baggage.

(13) Try requesting for priority tagging to your luggage as that will help you get in less time as soon as the players clear the customs & Immigration & this helps to reduce their waiting time.

(14) Use a Digital watch which is easy to set every time and has at least two to three time zones with one set at GMT, one at local time of the country and one at the time of the home city of player so they can adjust to the time patterns and minimize effects of Jet lags for initial few days. 

(15) Avoid carrying too much cash and consider using traveler's checks or major credit cards instead and do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill.Never carry your wallet in your back pocket.

(16) Before the flight have light meal if possible and avoid any alcoholic beverages as they could cause unrest. Also keep some snack bars or nuts in your handbag to have them anytime during the travel whenever you feel like having a snack.

(17) Do keep power back up devices or pocket battery chargers so that you can charge the mobile phones during the flight as anyways it would be in sleep or flight mode as due to hectic schedules it may not be easy to 
charge phones always at other times.

(18) Drink good amount of fluids like juices and water during the flight to keep your self hydrated and taking a short walk in the flight at least a couple of times always helps to keep one fit during the flight.

(19) Travel lounges are really a blessing for any traveler. One can take a quick shower or quick nap and have some light beverage to feel relaxed during the waiting time at airports. Also these lounges help a lot when someone needs to use the time between connecting flights to relax & unwind.

(20) Sparing sometime to find some exciting places to visit in the city that they are travelling to and then visiting these to unwind themselves of all the stress is also a must do activity.

We really need our own #ApneMunde to be relaxed and I am sure if they follow these above tips they can make their travel really stress free and it can help them for sure to perform better in their games with focus just 
on cricket. 


Sunita Katyal
A true Delhi DareDevils fan crazy for #ApneMunde

Melbourne Life Time Experience

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In March 2014 I travelled to Melbourne along with my friend and it was indeed a life time experience. Melbourne has many great venues places to watch, learn, inspect, exhibit, show, play, laugh, drive, race, rock and listen. There is so much to see and do in Melbourne, whether you are a local or international visitor. We went to Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market, Eureka Skydeck 88, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne Star, Melbourne Zoo.

On the very first day we visited Puffing Billy and Yaara valley. Puffing Billy is a short but cooling ride on a shaking, noisy, wooden train.
We only had one day to spend in the Yarra Valley on this Yarra Valley wine tour. We had lunch over there and also visited 4 wineries, the Dairy/ cheese factory, The Yarra Valley Chocolate factory and The White Rabbit brewery. It was just great to have some variety; it’s a brilliant tour and a must for any visitor. I think this is one of the best things to do in Melbourne. It certainly is value for money, lovely wineries, plenty of wine to taste, the cheese and chocolate tastings are also lovely and the scenery is just fab.

We explored Melbourne ourselves by using local transport like trams and shuttle service. The Melbourne Visitor Shuttle is a great way to explore inner city Melbourne. Ride is very comfortable while listening to stories about the city's colourful past and current. One can get the copy of shuttle route service at the Melbourne Visitor Centre. We also visited The Shrine and Royal Botanic Gardens, Harbour Town-Docklands, Melbourne Museum and Carlton Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens. One can find a lot of shopping locations in center Melobourne near to Bourke street, Swanston street and Collins Street. Travelling to Melbourne was one of the best experience of my life!!!

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