Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mardaani-None other than myself

Mardaani-None other than myself

Visit to discover Indian blogs Mardaani-None Other Than me This is real incident that had happened with me when I was in College. I was a very shy and reserved kind of girl all through my school life and never had faced any incidents like eve teasing during my school days. When I started going to my College I was Just 17, I had to travel on a chartered bus service to reach my college.
It so happened one day that the Bus was little bit over crowded and I was standing inside the bus. I felt a hand suddenly touching me on my back. I first ignored thinking that this could be unknowingly due to the crowd but it happened again within a span of two minutes and again and now I lost my patience I just grabbed that hand and found that a middle aged Man was doing this. I slapped him really hard in front of everyone & when I did that I really was shivering a lot and all the people in the Bus came to my support and asked that Man to leave that Bus immediately. He had his head down in Shame and I had seen a change in me just in a split second from a quiet shy girl to a Mardaani. I am really proud that I brought that change in me and Now I am never afraid of fighting any injustice or wrong deed by anyone. I really thank Rani Mukherjee for coming up with yet another strong lead role of Mardaani that will give the courage to innocent girls to be brave and fight injustice. Its my dream to Thank Rani Mukherjee in person if possible for this. Thanks. 

Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers. You all have a fire and respect for such fiery women. It’s time you blog about it.

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